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Embroidered Mehndi Jacket

Indian Wedding

On a trip to India Carroll saw brides getting the backs of their hands painted with ink made from the crushed leaves of the henna shrub in traditional intricate patterns called Mehndi. Recently she found these designs on-line. She also fell in love with a jacket designed by Kathryn Brenne.  She dug around in her stash looking for an appropriate fabric.  She found the claret coloured polyester microfiber purchased at Fabricland 20-odd years ago.  It draped well and required an extra fine sharp microfiber sewing needle to penetrate the very closely woven fabric. The Mehndi were stitched in 40 weight rayon embroidery thread using four colours ranging from maroon to light pink.

Adapted from Vogue pattern V9135 by Kathryn Brenne

Embroidery Henna Elements from Urban Threads,