Carroll has enjoyed working and playing with fabrics all her life. She creates wonderful wearable art, using her sewing machines, serger and embellishment machine, as well as many hand techniques and is now developing her skills in manual and computer-assisted pattern making. A Canadian, she lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with Guy Thatcher, author of A Journey of Days. She is the mother of four grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.

Carroll is much, much more than a wearable art designer, pattern maker and recovering fabriholic (She’s on step 2 of the 12-step program, although we fear that, like most other fabriholics, it is too late to expect full recovery). She is an experienced strategic space planner and interior design consultant, with over 25 years experience. Carroll is also an award-winning author, a lifetime Certified Facility Manager and a Fellow of the International Facility Management Association.

Carroll was the off-campus coordinator and a visiting scholar for the Master’s Level Facility Management Certificate Program offered by Michigan State University. Carroll was also the developer and first instructor of the foundation course of this program: Facility Management: Theory and Principles, a distance learning course delivered completely via the Internet in the late 90’s to students around the world working in virtual teams, another Carroll Thatcher first.

Carroll is also a partner in TZ Art Wearables where she and Vikka Zulpo have joined forces to bring their talents and knowledge to others who share the love of fibre and fabric, and who want to put that into their clothing. They have showcased their Wearables in fashion shows, have won awards, and now teach; sharing tips and techniques to other creative sewers.